Dear All,

Greetings from cool and cloudy East Anglia, where the DECIPHER team are continuing to work remotely.

In this update:

-              DECIPHER major new version – coming soon

-              DECIPHER downtime 9 December


DECIPHER major new version – coming soon


The DECIPHER team have been working on a major new version which will visualise genomic data in GRCh38, whilst still supporting deposition with GRCh37 coordinates. The move to GRCh38 enables DECIPHER to utilise the most recent genome build and transcript information. Patient data already deposited to DECIPHER will be lifted over to GRCh38.

The team are extremely excited about the release of DECIPHER version 11, which marks a significant development in supporting accurate and safer variant interpretation. We will send a further newsletter with more information once the new version is live.


DECIPHER downtime 9 December


The DECIPHER website will be unavailable for at least one hour between 9:00 - 11:00 (UK time) on 9 December while the DECIPHER team works hard to release version 11. If you have any queries about the downtime please contact us.



We look forward to your feedback and suggestions for improvement. Please use the "Feedback" button which is available on every page and fill in the simple form to get in touch with us. Your details will be filled in automatically if you are logged in.


Best Regards

Julia, on behalf of the DECIPHER team


Julia Foreman PhD

DECIPHER Project Manager



Twitter: @decipher_wtsi