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DECIPHER resource availability 16 - 25 March

During March (16-25) some DECIPHER resources may not be available due to Ensembl downtime. The EMBL-EBI data centre will be migrating to a new physical location resulting in a period of reduction in availability and functionality in a number of Ensembl services. Please see here for further information:

During this time the following DECIPHER functionality may be affected:

·         Variant Effector Predictor (VEP) – newly deposited variants. Variants will be annotated once the service is back online.

·         Conservation track in genome browser

·         dbSNP track in genome browser

·         PFam domain track in protein browser

·         3D protein structures in protein browser

Ensembl shut-down will begin on the 16th March and Ensembl anticipate that services will start to come back online from the 25th March.

If required, DECIPHER will update users about this downtime on the DECIPHER website:

If you are using DECIPHER to interpret patient data during this time, please take into consideration the potential for reduced functionality.


If you have queries about this potential reduced functionality or have any other DECIPHER related questions, please contact us using the "Feedback" button, which is available on every page.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this potential disruption to service.

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Julia Foreman PhD

DECIPHER Project Manager



Twitter: @decipher_wtsi