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In this update:

-              Version 10.2 released

-              DECIPHER guides and video tutorials


Version 10.2 released


You can also view this on the web at:


In this release, SpliceAI scores ( are now displayed in the patient genotype table and on the Consequence prediction (VEP) annotation tab, for variants predicted to affect splicing. In the following example, the EFTUD2 splice_region_variant is predicted to cause donor loss. The delta score is displayed and clicking on the SpliceAI prediction provides positional information: If other SpliceAI delta scores (e.g. donor gain) are more than 0.2, these are also displayed on the Consequence prediction (VEP) annotation tab.


CADD scores ( are now displayed on the Consequence prediction (VEP) annotation tab to assist variant interpretation. The following example shows the CADD score for a pathogenic EP300 missense variant:


The “Matching patients” tab has been renamed “Matching patient variants” tab, to reflect that this tab provides information about the patient’s variant and phenotype match. The tab provides a filterable interface to compare the genotype and phenotype information of patients with matching sequence variants, matching CNVs and functionally identical variants. See example here:


DECIPHER guides and video tutorials


DECIPHER guides and video tutorials are available on the help page to assist you in learning about features in DECIPHER: Keep up to date with new video tutorials by signing up to the DECIPHER YouTube channel:   



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