Dear STEM Ambassadors,


As part of the Cambridge festival in 2021 (Spring 2021), some members of Campus are organising a hackathon. They are currently looking for people to join and be part of the organisation, as well as ideas. Some details on the project:


The hackathon will be open to the general public and anyone can take part.

Participants - We’re looking for researchers, technicians or support staff, everyone can get involved. If you want to take part we will find something for you to do, whether you have or  haven’t done any coding before, it doesn’t matter.

Ideas - We need ideas for projects that will be part of the hackathon.


These ideas will centre around four main themes:

- Improving the science we do;

- Improving inclusivity;

- Improving the environment;

- Educational


If you have an idea or would like to be involved, please get in touch with the organisers via email addressing Stephen Inglis at or via the public engagement Slack channel.


Best wishes,



Alexandra Canet

Researcher Engagement Coordinator (maternity cover)


Wellcome Genome Campus Public Engagement

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