Thanks, Iíll get in touch with them directly,




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Hello Rishi,


Itís one of the standard demos we do at sciences festivals and so. Itís based on part of pigís testosterone I believe and there seem to be 3 outcomes:

1)      Canít smell it

2)      Smell it and think itís awful; like a sweaty gym bag

3)      Smell it and think itís nice; like vanilla


There is a taste version that is often used at the same time that people can either taste or not.


Iíd contact the Connecting Science Public Engagement team directly as it is one of their activities.




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Hi All


At the last Stem Ambassadors lunch someone mentioned a smell based demonstration that could be done where a jar was set up with contents and some people could smell the contents, and some people would find it odourless, depending on the variant they have. Does someone have some more information on this please? Iím toying with trying to incorporate it into the show I do.






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