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Would you like to get more involved in outreach activities with schools? If so, you might want to join our new working group for the Sequencing in a Suitcase project. Sequencing in a Suitcase, developed by Sanger researcher Kim Judge, is a great opportunity for school students to gain first-hand experience of sequencing. You can find out more here.


The working group will be trained on Sequencing in a Suitcase and will work together to develop and run sessions for schools in areas where students don’t often get the opportunity to learn about real-world science. The age group for the sessions is 17-18 (A Level or BTECH students).


We are currently looking to run 3 multi-school events in the following locations:


·         Kettering – building on the success of the science day organised by Kim Judge

·         Norwich – working with a local school academy trust to reach students throughout the region

·         Campus – reaching out to some of our local areas that are often overlooked for science enrichment opportunities and bringing them onto campus to participate in the sessions


The format for the events will be a full day, and will cover an introduction to the work our campus does, a Sequencing in a Suitcase session and another activity for students to rotate around to get a feel for the variety of areas we cover here.


Dates for the visits will be arranged around the availability of those in the working group. The public engagement team will be on-hand to support with organising the events.


If you are interested in being part of this working group then please let us know by emailing by Friday 23rd August


In the coming weeks, we will explore setting up working groups for other aspects of public engagement, so please keep an eye on your inbox to see if there’s any opportunities that might suit you.


Best wishes,


Public Engagement team 


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