Dear STEM Ambassadors,


We hope you are keeping safe and well.


We have had a couple of requests from schools looking for support in continuing to offer science enrichment activities.


Oundle School (near Peterborough) are looking for a 15-30min recording of a presentation as part of their year 12 futures day on the 19th June (with the presentations ideally being sent over on the 12th June).

This could be done by recording a powerpoint with a voice over or over a zoom call with a member of the public engagement team so that the presentation could be recorded with you as a ‘floating head’ on the screen too.

It would be fantastic if the presentation covered the following:

·       A brief overview of genomics and the work at the campus (we have stock slides we can provide if you would like to use them for this)

·       Information about who you are and what your job entails

·       A bit of a career path for yourself

There is also the option to take part in a live Q&A session over video call on the 19th itself. Timings for this are still to be confirmed and there is no obligation if you can’t make the live Q&A session as well.


If you are interested in getting involved with this then please get in touch with us (

It is a great event with the school involving a number of underserved schools in the area to help make sure more students can have access to this sort of enrichment.



We also wanted to highlight the below opportunity which many of you may have seen in a recent email from the local STEM ambassador hub.

With so many of the Big Bang fairs being cancelled for this term it is great to see some continuing in digital form.



School Name:
West Suffolk College

Full postal address of the venue:
Out Risbygate, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 3RL

Teacher Name:
Nadine Payne

Teacher Email:

Requirement of STEM Ambassador - details of event:
We were originally organsing the Big Bang STEM fair for Suffolk but since lockdown we have looked at other ways of delivering the experience. We would like to invite ambassadors to join us for a remotely delivered STEM fair to help support students, parents and teachers at this difficult time by engaging them with a day focused on STEM related activities. We are looking to offer a range of workshops (up to 1 hour long) - pre-recorded and Live streamed activities, Quizzes, hands on experiments, talks, careers Q & A and teacher sessions that children, parents and teachers can take part in. We have decided to place the event on a Saturday due to the uncertainty of the schools reopening but we are looking for ambassadors to give 1 workshop within the day so this can suit around everyone's day. The sessions will be put into age appropriate / audience pathways to try and remove clashes of potential interest. These sessions will be booked through eventbrite after which joining instructions will be sent to participants. Advertising will be through schools, press and social media.

Date of Event:
11th July

KS and Year Group of Participants:
KS2, 3, 4 and 5

Number of STEM Ambassadors Required:
As many as possible

Area of preferred expertise:
Engineering, Science and Computing

Start and Finish times:
The day will run from 9:30 - 17:30 but each ambassador would offer 1 session within that day ( 1 hour)


Thanks and Best Wishes,

The Public Engagement Team


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